Looking For A Shift/Start Your Career Into Big Data?

Why Do You Need This Package?

  1. The Big Data companies/ Analytics organizations are hiring Big Data Engineers/Developers/Analysts who has already worked in Big Data domain earlier. Big Data Freshers Job Doesn’t Exist in this competitive Big Data role’s Hiring Processes.

  2. You have to acquire the depth concept in Big Data Ecosystem and other technologies (which are required to integrate with the pipeline of a Big Data Project in Production) related to Big Data.

  3. In analytics companies you have to create the pipeline hands-on without any physical help.

  4. In a Real Time Big Data Project, a single Pipeline contain all the 5 stages (Ingestion using Sqoop/Flume/Kafka etc. + Staging DB using Hive etc. + Transformation using Spark etc.+ Production DB using MongoDB etc.+ Visualization using Kibana/PowerBI/QuickSight etc.).

  5. You will be able to fix various challenges only if you have the production level experience at real time earlier.

  6. So, the full skill set will be required to be an independent Master into Big Data Development you have to learn the technologies in depth level of concept.

  7. Scenario based questions and real time projects are come under 70% of any Big Data Interview.

  8. Full Skill Set means, you have to learn Data Ingestion Technologies, one programming language, one data processing framework, one NoSQL database and one report generation tool along with some additional technology like one public subscribe messaging system and IoT stuffs. Hadoop and Spark cluster with Cloud based platform.

  9. We have designed this package to help the IT professionals/enthusiasts who want to start or shift their career into Big Data Platform. You will get a very depth concept when you will implement our package.

  10. We have designed this package from Beginners’ level to Advanced level

  11. This full skill set list will help you to create a pipeline for a Big Data project in production cluster of any organization

  12. This package includes complete full coverage training on each and every technology

  13. This training package is different than any other ordinary training program, if you want to work and make your career with Big Data then first of all you have to acquire the full skill set which is important to create the pipeline in real time

  14. The real time projects are completely real time production deployed projects, we already have deployed these projects in production cluster. These are ready made projects in analytics companies.

  15. Interviewer will ask you to explain your project.

  16. I will provide you 6 real time projects which are already implemented and deployed in the production cluster. These projects were designed by our project architect, admin, developers and BI team of my previous Big Data companies.

  17. During the job interview, they will ask you scenario-based questions to check your real time experience, like what was your daily activities, role & responsibilities in office? What are the challenges you faced in your project? How did you optimize that?

  18. During your job interview,

    • You will face the real time questions like:

      • The Sources of Data of your project,

      • Do you want to change anything in your project and why?

      • Business objective req. (Difference between Processing the data without using Hadoop and why you decide to use Hadoop Big Data Eco Systems),

      • Size of data to analyse, Size of the data before transformation and after transformation,

      • Data growth rate of your project,

      • Cluster Configuration in test environment and Production environment (Configuration of Name Node and DataNodes),

      • Data Ingestion tools and configurations (Like Kafka Connect Sinks) for your project,

      • Challenges for Collecting the data from different sources,

      • HDFS Configurations like block size,

      • Number of Mappers - Size of InputSplit - Type of Input and output in your project

      • Number of Reducers -  Type of output,

      • Debugging ways like (Using Counters or Logs)

  19. To understand these types of answers you have to complete the in-depth level of training and project implementation hands-on

  20. I will be keep in touch with you, I will help you about this along with the Hands-on step by step guidance at every weekend.

  21. In case of any major issues we will have GoToMeeting Webinar Sessions of 1:1 discussion as per your requirement and your convenient time at every weekend by our highly experienced professional Big data Team members.

  22. Therefore, I hope you can understand that the "Training Institutions/Website Tutorials/Live Projects/Use Cases" can provide you only fundamental basic concepts and not more than that.

  23. You will get the complete full coverage industrial training and ready made real time Projects package which will be the best approach to start/shift your career into Big Data.

  24. We have many success stories around the world.

  25. Before your Job Interview our Professional Big Data Team will review your CV, we will design your Resume (if required) because you will have to show the real time project in your Resume. Our technical support will also be available after you will get the job(Instant help during the pipeline creation in office etc.).

| A Quick Short Overview of The Package |



The package contains end to end real time projects and complete coverage corporate training in video format, projects files, partial data with separate documentations. 

And the production environment Industrial Training, parameters usage at different scenarios, given below:


Real Time Production Level Projects (Taken from my previous companies):

  1. E-commerce project using Spark Streaming, SparkSQL and Kafka, Elastic Search

  2. Telecom domain project using Spark Core and SparkSQL using Scala

  3. Health Care Domain Project Using SparkSQL, HiveContext and Kafka using Scala

  4. Project on Scala Standalone Customized Package Creation based on the requirements

  5. Project on ML of an French based client

  6. Project on Spark based IoT, Confluent, Graphana, MQTT, udp etc in Digital Version Cloud of an US based client

Please note that only the client names of the above projects will not be disclosed due to the confidential issue.

  • Projects are deployed using Maven/ SBT in production

  • Lifetime technical support

  • Codes, Client's Raw data and project files are given

  • Lifetime industrial cluster access Credentials given inside the package


Please let me know in case of any questions or queries. 

When the data used to come from source then it passes through the different layers of ingestion after that you have to verify the data that temperature, humidity etc informations are normal or below normal so here we have created the Spark pipeline where SparkSQL used to check. 

We used to ingest Streaming data from remote source. The data continously flows and we used to ingest the data using Spark Streaming-Kafka Integration, the Kafka consumer groups used to pull data from broker and push to the Data warehouse if hive in distributed storage. Now Spark application will trigger and automatically the data used to pull from the Hive and load in memory, then the transformation used to happen as per the business logic client requirements, now when the output used to generate then the output will be automatically load into the NoSQL DB which is Elastic Search(in some project we have used MongoDB) and after that BI team used to pull data using their Report generation tool and they used to generate report which is data visualization. We used to submit this report to the client. 

We used to analyse and provide solutions to the client. We analyse the client past records compare with the current. We used to integrate some algorithm also. The BI team used to generate the report of the total compact result from the production DB to their Dashboard for the Data Visualization, this report used to send to the client.

The total description we have given in the video and documentations(company and client both side), projects files are given inside the package.

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